It all started when...


For more than fifteen years, Sound Adventures has been providing ground-breaking music, sound design, and production services to a worldwide client base.  Facilities in Los Angeles and Zurich have given access to Hollywood's A-listed movie scoring, studio and stage musicians, the Vienna Symphonic, and the industry's top audio engineers, technicians and sound designers.         

With this talent in its arsenal, Sound Adventures has become the secret weapon of motion picture companies, television networks, ad agencies, theme parks, and special event coordinators.

Sound Adventures has supplied promotional music for films ("Sherlock Holmes," "Transformers ," "The Bourne Ultimatum ," "Superman Returns," "Troy," "Munich," "Million Dollar Baby," "Oceans Twelve," "Fast And The Furious" and "Batman Begins") and television (CSI Miami," "Law and Order," "Scrubs" and "Greys Anatomy"), as well as special projects including Barack Obama's 2008 Presidential campaign.

Sound Adventures latest project is the Sound Adventures Music Library.  This library creates a new paradigm in production music thinking.  

Their goal is to take their high-end production music, created in the full spectrum of cinematic styles, from beautiful emotional themes to soaring dramatic and action cues, intense sound design and epic orchestral underscore and organizing these into thematic elements, giving post production teams cohesiveness when creating underscores for their projects.